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$50 Basic Flyer Design Summer Deal Details

Wow what's the catch, well working with a number of clients with limited budgets I have condensed a package for those who need a quick, brief, explanitory flyer designed for personal & business events/promotions, this deal is aimed for clients who have a clear direction into their promotion material, need quick turnaround time, limited budget, and who have a preset look applied.

See Basic Flyer Examples | Submit your Ba Flyer Design Project

This is an offer with limited design time, Restrictions do apply:
*(1) Basic flyer design file, no visual Changes/revisions the file is "As is"
*manipulation, illustration, retouching, enhancement, altering, are not offered with the Basic Flyer Design
*Changes that are allowed or apply are text/spelling errors only.
*$50 design time will not be refunded under any circumstances unless client cancels prior to start of project
*Please have all wording/copy in text format file, images of high resolution (300 dpi)
*Formats client may choose to recieve are PNG, JPEG, PDF in Print & Web format